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ChatChain is an AI Chatbot that will answer questions, write text messages, listen to voice messages, generate voice messages, understand images with vision and generate images.

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Unleash Potential: ChatGPT, Telegram and You

Unlock the Future: Elevate Your Chats with ChatGPT on Telegram. Harness the combined power of AI and everyday communication to unleash your potential. Experience smarter, more efficient conversations today.

AI Chatbot

Your Artificial Intelligence assistant you can text 24/7. And you can message in +100 supported languages!

GPT-3.5 or GPT-4

Access information immediately with the speed of GPT3.5 and the high-level knowledge of GPT4.

Generative AI Images

Write the image you want to produce with a few words and receive an image created by artificial intelligence directly on Telegram!


ChatChain offers you ChatGPT technology at affordable prices. Choose the one that suits you best from our different plans.


  • 5 Messages
  • GPT-3.5
  • 24/7 availability
  • Secure Messages
  • Multi-language
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  • Unlimited Messages
  • GPT-4
  • Image Generation - Unlimited
  • Audio transcript
  • Web browsing
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  • Interact audio message
  • Convert file into media
  • Convert media into file
  • Convert file into text
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